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Hey there, I’m Caitlyn

about me

I'm a digital marketing educator for creative small businesses by day who’s now bringing decades of business consulting experience to the short term rental world. I’m passionate about helping entrepreneurs create brands that place them in control of their business (and not at the mercy of the OTAs) that centers around a book-direct strategy.

I originally created these tools for my husband to be able to execute a high end experience for our guests and run the day to day of our cabin vacation rental business. He’s running the show, but didn’t have the digital marketing business know-how or expertise so I equipped him with everything he needed to get the job done with templates, workflows and systems to guide him. 

We’ve grown the DC Cabin Collective to 3 luxury waterfront vacation homes fully owned and operated by us and have been able to add a property to our portfolio each year due to the demand, profitability and strategies implemented.

When it was clear we do things a bit differently than others in the industry, we knew it was time to share a peek behind the curtain to other vacation rental business owners. This storefront is a curation of the templates, tools and workflows we use in our business every single day and now, we’re so excited to share them with all of you.

Have questions? I'd love to hear from you!

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