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April 9, 2019

Our Story | We Bought a Cabin!

The Point

Our first post! This is a dream, honestly. We want to record the story of buying our cabin for legacy sake and so we always remember how it became ours.

This blog is going to primarily be a place where we talk about our love of all things Door County. We have ideas like our favorite restaurants, best activities for kids, Instagrammable photo spots, best wineries and so much more. We hope you’ll follow along!

It’s been our dream to create a place where families could unplug and connect and when the best property on the lake our family has vacationed at for years became available, we knew we could make something special and we had to make it ours. The thing is, we already have a place to stay on Clark Lake. My dad retired here and we have a bedroom in his retirement home and we spend a lot of time there! So originally, we were looking in places like Breckenridge or the Outer Banks to expand our vacation options as a family. But that all changed quickly. I remember it clearly, we were in Door County, sitting in the boat with my sister and cousin and my cousin Jennifer said that the point was for sale. I remember looking across the lake at it and thinking, wow – that place is amazing, we should check it out. I called the real estate agent and it had an accepted offer, bummer. Fast forward a couple weeks and an email went out to everyone living on the lake from the listing agent that the deal fell through and it was available. I went to see it that same day and fell in love. I called Jeremy to let him know I wanted to buy it, and we’d have to be quick.

Long story short, and the best part of the story? When the girls toured the cabin, they fell in love too. They were listening to us talk about figuring out how we could pay for this place. Our oldest Lily said from the back seat driving home, “Mama, Daddy? I love the cabin so much, I will give you my entire piggy bank to help you pay for it so it can be ours.” We included that story in our offer letter (and our offer was $x + the $36.28 from the girls life savings). The previous owner said it was this story that sealed the deal and he chose us over other more lucrative offers. He left the girls his antique piggy banks from when he was a child (you’ll see them in the Doghouse if you visit us!) so that they could start replenishing their savings. Roger and Janice, if you’re reading this – we are so grateful to you and would love to connect again someday soon!

This lake means so much to us. My great grandfather originally began vacationing here when he bought our families first cabin almost 100 years ago. Today, we have parents, aunts/uncles, great aunts/uncles and multiple cousins who all own property on this lake! We couldn’t be more proud to own a piece of it ourselves and beyond that, to be able to share it with others.

For nostalgia’s sake, here’s a photo of my Grandpa fishing off the point at his high school graduation party and one of me at age 6, learning to waterski right in front of the point!

I’m sure we’ll share more of our story in the months to come, but for now, we are just so excited to be able to share our favorite place on planet earth with other families. Check out our website for all of the information about the cabin and we’d love for you to be among our first guests!

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